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Unlike buying a home to live in, an investment property is usually bought with the goal of making money. It’s important to understand how investing in property works and to decide if it’s right for you.

Queensland Property Group wants to help you find the investment opportunities that are right for you and grow your property portfolio with a dual key.

Advantages of a dual key

Two Income Streams
Market Demand
Reduced Expenses
Risk Minimisation
Capital Growth
Depreciation and Tax Savings
Rental Return
Full Turn-Key Home & Land Packages

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South East Queensland

Australia’s South East Queensland (SEQ) region is emerging as the nation’s new economic powerhouse and the jewel in the crown of Australia’s lifestyle as well as its key industry and investment opportunities.

With an average growth rate of 2.2% over the past 10 years, SEQ has acclimatised itself to the fast growing nature of its industries and growing population.

SEQ is made up of eleven council municipalities. These areas combined boast a diversity of economic drivers and numerous national industry benchmarks, with a common thread of world class tourism which draws large and growing numbers of both domestic and international visitors to the region.

As a powerhouse for the development of sustainable communities, SEQ continues to channel its growth south-west of Brisbane to Ipswich, the region of the future.

Ipswich’s Growth Predictions

The following growth predictions offer an insight into what the Ipswich community, infrastructure and development might appear in 2041.

Projected Resident Population
Projected Job Count
Dwelling Growth
75% Expansion
25% Consolidation

Dwelling Supply Benchmarks

Expected Dwelling Growth


Consolidation is the development occurring within the existing region boundary that seeks to densify existing neighbourhoods.

Expansion is the development occurring outside the existing region boundary that seeks to create new infrastructure and housing for the community.

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