Property Developer

Become a Property Developer

If you own a home or a larger parcel of land, you could be sitting on a wealth of opportunity. Many owner-occupiers are unaware of the hidden value they hold within properties. QPG can help you realise that value.

By transitioning from a homeowner to a real estate developer, or by entering a joint venture partnership with QPG, you can unlock the benefits of your land’s value and profit from subdividing your land.

Subdivision Opportunities

 Sell The Vacant Block of Land

Build a New Home and Hold
Build a New Home and Sell

Maximise Returns from Property Development

As real estate development specialists, we’ve honed our skills to maximise profits for investors and minimise risk for landowners like yourself, which means you can feel confident in partnering with us. 

If you want to subdivide your property into residential blocks, QPG has over 20 years of experience in developing residential properties throughout Queensland. Talk to us so we can find out more about your property and the requirements of your Council.

We’re here to help you achieve your property goals. 

We’ve worked on land developments all over South East Queensland and have helped hundreds of people realise their ambitions for property ownership and achieve their property goals.

 Reduce Your Mortgage

 Grow Your Wealth

Maximise Rental Return

Register Your Interest

If you own a block of land that is over 800m2 or would like to know what development opportunities are possible, let us know by registering your interest here.