5 Ways to Secure a Rental Property

Read more for some of our rental application tips to give you the best chance of securing a rental property.

The rental market in Australia can be an unforgiving place and after the last two years of property market chaos, it has become a very competitive environment. Tenants are having to work harder than ever to compete not only with each other, but with the dwindling supply of affordable rental properties. 

Renting a property can involve a competitive and intensive application process where having your bond, first month’s rent and a list of perfect references isn’t enough. You need to present yourself as the ideal tenant.

Here are 5 rental application tips you can follow to secure your rental property.

  1. Be organised and provide the right documentation

When applying for a rental, the real estate agent should provide you with a list of documents that you need to include in your application. All rental applications will require photo identification to prove your identity. 

Photo identification documents, also called primary forms of ID, can include: 

  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Keypass or other official proof of age card

Your real estate might also ask for supporting documents. These are called Secondary forms of ID and can include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Medicare card
  • ATM card
  • Student ID card
  • Vehicle registration
  • Health care card
  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill (with current address)
  • Signed lease
  • Payslip
  • Employment letter or reference

If you are applying to rent with roommates, you must have a complete set of documentation for all members of the household.

Being organised could give your application a better chance of being top of the pile, as agents will be unlikely to waste their time chasing people for important information. 

2. Have Professional References

If your rental applications require you to put down references, make sure they understand their role in the application process. References need to be available to take calls, answer questions and vouch for your dependability and ability to meet your financial commitments.

Providing the owner with references from previous landlords can help to show that you are genuine and trustworthy. It can also show that you have a successful history in renting properties. If you are requesting a pet-friendly property, it may also pay to have proof that you have successfully rented with pets previously, especially if they didn’t cause damage or additional costs.

3. Apply Online

Gone are the days of the paper rental application. Save yourself the hassle of having to print, scan and resubmit your applications to the real estate agency and apply online. Most agencies use 1form to process their rental applications. 

The best part about 1form is that once you’ve filled in your details, you can use that same form to apply for as many properties as you’d like. It also has a feature where you can upload your primary and secondary to your profile for ease of use when submitting your application.

Applying with housemates? No worries. 1form will link your applications for you, halving the individual time spent on applying. 

4. Make a good first impression

Whether you’ve booked a private inspection or are attending a group inspection, be on time, introduce yourself and be friendly. Make sure you look presentable as it shows you’re keen to secure the property and that you’re taking the application process seriously.

Renters who show enthusiasm in the home and demonstrate politeness may be more memorable to the landlord and property manager. 

5. Be patient but stay present

Once you have filled out and submitted your rental application, allow the real estate agent a day or two to process your application. Be patient, but keep in touch.

Ensure that you are on hand to answer any further questions or provide any additional information or documentation necessary. If you’ve applied with housemates, make sure you are all notified of updates and help each other out if more documents are needed. Remember, a rental contract is a legal document, so there are many boxes that need to be ticked.

Finally, you should hear which properties you’ve been approved for over the next few days. If you miss out on the ones that you want, don’t worry. You can always apply again later. You’ll have moved into your new place in no time at all.

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