A Buyer’s Guide to Painting

Two common questions first home buyers usually ask are “What colour should we paint the walls?” and “Do we have to paint the walls all the same colour?” 

The colours you choose for the walls initiates a specific feeling you should have when entering the room and highlights the way you perceive the room to make it stand out. If you want to produce the feeling of calmness and balance, choose shades of green. By choosing vibrant colours, it will express the energised and vibrant personality of the homeowner. To produce the feeling of elegance and serenity in a room, the choice of neutral shades will effectively work! 

It’s strongly recommended that when choosing a colour to paint the walls in your home, you choose a neutral colour. Selecting a white or an off-white colour as the choice for the walls will be most benefit for short and long-term. 

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Occupying the Home

By having a neutral wall colour in the room, it offers the feeling of elegance and flexibility within the room. Choosing a neutral colour is fairly foolproof and it provides the ability for the eye to rest in between areas with more saturated colours. 

Although the walls may seem plain or basic, you can easily add colour throughout the room and it won’t be permanent. You can change the mood of a room by adding additional colour through accessories. Accessories that can give the room colour and a positive feeling can be inclusive of flowers, vases, paintings and photo frames, rugs and furniture. These less permanent items can make the house feel more like a home and provides the homeowner power to consistently change the atmosphere of the home at their leisure in a cost-efficient way.

Selling the Home

By selecting a white or off-white colour, it will be more appealing to a potential buyer. A potential buyer will be able to keep the wall colour, or can easily change it to their leisure. By avoiding painting the walls in a bold colour, the house can be visualised as a modern home, as the paint colour won’t go out of fashion or stand out to a potential buyer or real estate agent for the wrong reasons.   

The benefit of using neutral colours is it will attract all types home buyers. The importance of a good first impression and positive atmosphere on buyers cannot be stressed enough! 

The home you may purchase could be your forever home, however, for most new homeowners that is not the case. By strategically choosing the wall paint colour from the beginning, it will be less of a hassle when you sell your home, unless buyers in the specific area are looking for a specific colour or style in the current market. It is advised to discuss your paint colour choice with your Property Consultant to ensure you do not make any decision you may regret in future and waste time or money.  

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