A Guide To Christmas At Home

With the silly season almost here, here’s an ultimate guide to hosting Christmas in 2020!

Will Christmas be hosted at your house this year? We have created a guide to help you enjoy the chaos of hosting an Aussie Xmas at home that all the family will enjoy.

Happy Host

If you’ve drawn the short straw this year, don’t be alarmed! It’s important that you are a happy host! Enjoy the day for what it is – a time to catch up and enjoy a day surrounded by family and friends. If you’re a worry wart and know that that being stressed or worried on the day is something likely to happen, just ask your guests to help out by bringing food or asking them to come over and help you set up for the day! This year has been a tough year for everyone, so don’t feel like you can’t ask for help for things to help make Christmas extra special this year.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for the craziness of the holiday season! If you start preparing earlier, you will avoid last minute shopping and rushing around when everyone else will be at the shops. Organise your holiday expenses by writing a to do lists. Writing a list of everything you are need to buy will help you avoid doing multiple trips to the shop and buying unnecessary items. Doing an expenses ‘brain dump’ will help you forecast for the holiday season and figure out how you’re going to manage your finances. Being organised in advance will give you time to research and compare prices of food, beverages, decoration and presents before the big day.

QPG Big Tip – try and clean out your fridge, freezer, pantry or any relevant storage sections before buying anything. There’s no point in buying anything if you have nowhere to put it!

Styling Tips

3 words – Keep it simple! Try putting a modern spin on some of the traditional Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree:

  • Save more room for presents and invest in a wooden tree. Not only are they very on brand for the festive season, they are a no mess option for those who have young children or pets who like to play hide and seek.
Photo Credit: @adairs

Table Centre Piece:

  • Step up your decoration game! Isn’t it the worst when it’s time to bring out the food, but your table is covered in too much Christmas décor? The latest Xmas décor trend is the DIY pool noodle centre piece! This is perfect for those who want to quickly remove decorations or don’t want the clutter of standard decorations. you want a trail of baubles or a pine tree diorama, the design opportunities are endless (and flexible!).
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Be Sentimental:

  • To add an extra sentimental feeling to your table – create a card that has your guests name on it and put it at the Christmas table. This way everyone has their own spots!

Quick Tips for your Christmas Décor:

  • Stick to a colour scheme! For example: the classic red and green, a white Christmas, rustic vibes or Australian flora themed.
Photo Credit: @pinterest
  • Try and make your present wrapping paper and bows a similar colour scheme so it flows nicely. Get creative and use this as an opportunity to be sustainable.
Photo Credit: @pinterest
  • If you’re a design fanatic, get a second tree for the kids to decorate with their handmade decorations to keep your pretty ornaments separate and avoid a cluttered tree.
  • Don’t forget the lights! They’re the final touch to your Christmas tree – besides the star.
  • Where should you put the tree? A low traffic corner of course! But make sure you can see it in the main areas of your house.

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