Don’t forget these items when you move house!

Make sure you are organised and prepared for moving houses, because there’s nothing worse than forgetting something you urgently need!

Whether you are moving house as a new owner or a renter, the new journey is no doubt one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. But before you get caught up in the excitement, it is important that you are organised and prepared for the big transition. Here is our list of common household items that new owners forget about until moving day.

Toilet Paper

There is nothing worse than needing to use the bathroom in the middle of a move and realising you’ve forgotten the most important part. Think of future you and make sure you pick up a pack of toilet rolls on your way to your new home.

Utility Kit

If you want to assemble your furniture on move in day, make sure you come prepared with the tools to get the job done. Some furniture packs might come with a tool to piece it together, however investing in a utility kit can speed up the assemble time, especially if you’re working with others.

Disposable Kitchen

Most of the time, the last thing you want to do after a big move it is washing up dishes. Save yourself the time and the hassle and buy paper plates, cutlery and cups beforehand for easy cleaning after your big day.

Garbage Bags

Never underestimate how much rubbish your home will produce in its first few days of use. Our best advice would be to also bring a bin or large container to put the bag in to avoid it sitting on your floor.

QPG Tip – break down your boxes! If you’ve used boxes to move your household items or boxes from new products, break the boxes down and stack them away to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Hand Towels and Soap

It’s important to stay hygienic while moving into your new home, so make sure you pack some handtowel and handwash.

Power Boards

Everyone has those moments of annoyance where the powerpoint is just too far away and doesn’t have enough power ports. Be prepared for every situation and take a power board on move-in day to save yourself the hassle of an unorganised power station.

QPG’s Big Tip – Stay organised and don’t forget to enjoy this milestone!

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