Father’s Day Gift Guide

The ultimate gift guide to Father’s Day 2020

Although you should be showing appreciation to your father and all the father figures you have in your life on a daily basis, the official day each year is coming up – Father’s Day. It’s time to show the father figures in your life how much you appreciate them, no matter how many lame dad jokes they make.

Depending on your price limit, we have complied numerous different gifts that can give you inspiration for the perfect Father’s Day Gift. 

For golden points – make sure you include a card and write a nice and thoughtful message! 

  • Crazy Shirt – Threadheads

Whether it’s a shirt with a funny message or a photo with your face printed on it, it’s a shirt you know that will be kept forever! 

  • Funny Socks – Happy Socks 

If he is a fan of dad jokes, he’ll most likely be a fan of funny socks. You can either buy socks from Kmart, Target, David Jones, etc. or customise socks to have a family member or pets face on it.

  • Bunnings Gift Voucher

Who doesn’t love a Bunnings Voucher? If he is about to begin a DIY project or complete the final touches in his mancave, it’s a gift with endless possibilities. 

  • Photo Album – PhotoBox

Super affordable and always a pleaser! Photo albums will bring back all those favourite memories and family holidays. Try choosing photos from time where your dad taught you something, maybe it was how to ride a bike or help you to catch your first fish or maybe with some homework. The tearjerkers always get ’em!

  • Male Grooming Kit – GentSac

There are many male grooming kit Father’s Day sets at Kmart, Target, the Shaver Shop, etc. to save you some time instead of trying to work out what product is better than the other or even trying to make your own grooming kit. 

  • BBQ Utensils – Bunnings 

A father can never have too many barbie-q utensils… If your father loves his barbie-q, buy him a new set of stainless steel utensils. To add to this present idea, you might as well go all out and find a funny apron for him to wear every time he’s on the barbie-q! 

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