From House to Home: Transforming Living Spaces into Private Sanctuaries

Find out QPG’s Big Tips on how to transform your house to a home without hurting the bank!

There is nothing like the feeling you receive when you come home to a comfortable and inviting living space. As people of connection, we feel inclined to personalise, reorganise and style our spaces for a design of utmost convenience and suits your lifestyle.

Here are 3 tips on how to turn your house to a home – visual, sound and scent.


The key to making any ordinary space look designer is all in the interior aesthetic. Sticking to a core colour palette such as a monochromatic theme with an accent shade, will improve the atmosphere and overall room aesthetic. In the colour selection process, ensure to steer clear of using bold or dark colours as the base colour. You should choose a more neutral tone such as off-white or light cream as those colours will open up the space allowing more light to travel through, while also maintaining the home’s longevity and future selling appeal.

Having a neutral colour palette in your home will allow for more flexibility when it comes to styling and room decor. By using a space character, whether it be through family photos, paintings or quirky decor items, it will make your space feel more unique and tailored to you and your family. 

QPG’s Big Tip when styling your home – always be on a hunt for the bargains! Home makeovers aren’t pricey if you know where to look. Hit your local Lifeline and Vinnies stores for trendy trinkets and furniture pieces or for more stylised items, outlets such as Kmart and Target are the way to go that are stylish and will make sure your bank account doesn’t hit the negatives.

Bring your space to life… literally!  Flowers aren’t just for tables in the living room! Flowers can, and should be, located all around the home, especially in bedrooms. These little scents gives the first impression to all visitors that you consider the place you live your home, rather than just a house. And we all know how important first impressions are! Adding plants, whether real or fake, is another way to make your home more natural and lively.

Photo Credit: Instagram @threebirdsrenovation


Music is the best and calmest way to bring sound into your home. Listening to music constantly in your home shows how safe you believe the environment is. The sound of music can create one of the most expressive memories and is an immediate mood changer. Splurging on devices, such as a Bluetooth speaker or Google Home, will encourage you to let loose and have some fun in your spaces. If you’re a nature nudie, perhaps a wind chime or a record player might be more of a suitable experience if authenticity is what you’re after.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Bring your home to life by swapping up your scents! Introduce your spaces to candles, incense, diffusers or maybe just a delicious home-cooked meal. Maintaining a homely scent will encourage visitors to be more interactive and comforted in your space which is something you definitely want. Since your mood can be affected by scent, it is important consider what kind of scent you want when choosing where to place it in your home. Cancel out any unwanted smells like dirty laundry or fridges by opting for scented bacterial sprays. These will not only improve the scent but keep your space clean.

Whether you like fruity scents or calming essential oils (or anywhere in between), you should find a candle that you love so your good vibes are evident throughout your home. 

Photo Credit: Instagram @interios.by.bec

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