How to Get Started in Property Development

If you want to get started in property development, this article shares the tips on how you can get started.

Everyone’s dream is to develop property for profit, but you must take your time and consider a number of factors.

The key to becoming a successful property developer is having enough resources around you that support the health of your investment. In turn, ensuring its market longevity and ability to remain competitive.  

If you have set yourself goals to achieve in property that are beyond purchasing a residential home, it might be time to consider completing your first property development.  

Since beginning our journey in 2002 as property developers in the South East Queensland region, QPG are well-advanced in supporting homebuyers on their property investment endeavours. We understand that setting up a home for investment purposes without prior experience can be a challenge for some. We’ve put together the most important factors for anyone looking to step into the property development sector.

Why property development?

You might be asking yourself how property development can help you. You see, there are many reasons why people want to invest in property developments, which could be anything from wanting to rent out an existing home, to wanting to buy an existing home and/or build a new one. But what do we mean by property development? What keeps people coming back for more?

  • Property development is a fast-growing industry, with huge potential to create wealth.
  • There is no better scenario in investing than property development. It offers better returns, profits and possession to the investors.
  • Property development can be a great investment opportunity or a very profitable business to run. 

However, it is in the hands of those who have no idea how it works or run their businesses with no intention to change it. 


Education is key to a successful real estate development. 

It is important that you have an understanding of the property market. This is not only just an understanding of the current market, but everything from the internal and external factors that could affect the property cycle to planning zones and overlays. Understanding the lifecycle of these markets will assist you greatly in making your successful investment decisions.

Education on the benefits and impacts of your local market is best received from having a mentor or business partner. Keeping up to date with suburb growth and developing infrastructure is a great way to improve your knowledge and put your best foot forward.

If you are an owner-occupier or own a larger parcel of land, you may be unaware of the hidden value and opportunities that your property withholds. QPG can help you realise that value.

At QPG, we offer a non-obligatory quote for those looking to begin their first residential subdivision on an existing parcel of land. Click here to find out if the property you own meets the Council requirements for subdividing.   

As real estate development specialists, we’ve honed our skills to maximise profits for investors and minimise risk for landowners like yourself, which means you can feel confident in partnering with us. 

Understanding the Opportunities  

Property developments begin with a vision. A vision to see what opportunities can be created in the site, usually before the land acquisition occurs.  

If you already own a parcel of land without considering subdivision opportunities, that’s where QPG can guide you! 

When subdividing a residential block of land that is already in your portfolio, there are three opportunities that can be created: 

  • Selling the New Vacant Block of Land
  • Build a New Home on the New Block and Hold it
  • Build a New Home on the New Block and Sell it

The subdivision opportunity you decide to undertake will depend on the investment strategy you have set for yourself. 

If you are looking to reduce your existing mortgage, grow your wealth or maximise the rental return, QPG can help! 

Should you be a property developer?

Becoming a property developer is not for everyone. However, there is no harm in enquiring to see what opportunities are available for the block of land you currently own.

If you want to become a Property Developer, then first you need to find out what it takes to be one. Finding out how much capital is required for each project and how much it will cost is a good start for any property developer who wants to set up their own business. We recommend that you talk to a few local property developers like us.

Getting Started with Property Development

If you own a block of land, whether it is vacant or a dwelling is built, or would like to know what development opportunities are possible for a property in your portfolio, let QPG know by registering your interest here. Alternatively, click here to have a chat to one of our Client Liaisons for more information about becoming a property developer.  

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