How to join the QPG First Home Support Program

If you are looking to enter the property market but not sure where and how to start, click here and join the QPG First Home Support Program.

Queensland Property Group’s First Home Support Program is designed to help first-time buyers save for their first home. The aim of our program is to get homebuyers into the home they can’t afford, at a price they can. We believe that all first home buyers can build the home they deserve – they just need the tools to do so. Our mission is to make your transition from renting to buying as smooth as possible whilst coaching you on the best ways to enter the property market, develop healthy saving habits and take advantage of first home buyer opportunities.

Understanding the Property Market

As a first home buyer entering a competitive market, understanding the terminology behind applying for a home and the benefits you are entitled to are very important. As long-standing land developers and first home buyer experts, the first home buying process is second nature to our team. As a member of the First Home Support Program, you can expect to be educated on key learnings of the property market and home loan process. The thought of investing in property can be an overwhelming experience for some, but we have the experience to make your first home purchase a smooth one.

Developing Healthy Saving Habits

For many first home buyers, the toughest part of buying a home is saving enough money for the initial deposit. With rising median property prices creating more competition within the property market, it’s understandable as to why new buyers might feel like trying to purchase a home is too big of a task. The First Home Support Program gives homebuyers the confidence and support they need to develop healthy saving habits and build up their house deposit savings.

The First Home Support Program approaches new aspects to saving money by opening up the conversation on how much we deem money to be worth, in scenarios where we normally wouldn’t think twice before spending. By encouraging money-conscious decision making and highlighting the importance of developing healthy lifestyle habits, both related and unrelated to finance, home buyers are given the chance to reflect and review their expenditure to further understand the potential of their financial situation.

First Home Buyer Opportunities

To further support first home buyers, the First Home Support Program offers its members the opportunity to get their finance assessed every three months. At Queensland Property Group, we understand that your financial situation can change at any time. We want to offer you the ability to talk to a professional about your situation, without feeling like you’re tied down.

For example – let’s say you’ve been promoted at your job and have been given a pay rise, or you’ve been sticking to a saving plan and have built up your savings – these are variables that could change your ability to borrow. It is very important that when your situation is changing, to talk to a professional about how you can take advantage of the opportunity and make smart property decisions.

Talking to the right people will put you a step ahead of the rest. If you’re looking to buy a home in the near future, whether that be in one month, six months or a year, get in contact with our team today on 1300 248 514 or assess your eligibility online here to join the QPG First Home Support Program.

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