How to Prepare Your Home for 2022

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As Summer has just begun, now is the perfect time to switch out your winter style and get your home ready for the warmer months. Here are five easy tips to welcome the warm weather.

Switch Up Your Decor

It’s time to retire the snuggly blankets and throw pillows! Freshen up your spaces by opting for cooler, brighter colours. Another great tip is to replace those heavy textiles and welcome lighter, more breathable fabrics such as linen. Use this time to consider how your family home will change coming into the holiday season. Do you need to rearrange furniture to create a wider walkway to the backyard? Or is your kitchen in need of new tea towels and accessories?

The Smell of Summer

Perhaps the easiest switch to make in your home is the scent. Pack away those heavy winter scents and try something floral or citrus. These scents will bring back that summer feeling without you having to do anything. If candles aren’t your thing, try diffusers and air fresheners as they are a great alternative to freshening up a space.

New Bedding

It is important to consider all spaces when preparing your home for summer, especially your bedroom. As each season rolls over, try to upgrade your space with new bedding, a new art piece, change of lamp or a complete rearrange. Not only will your room feel brand new, you will also feel accomplished and perhaps more relaxed knowing your place has been deep cleaned. Like your living space, remember to swap out those heavy flannel winter sheets for a more breathable textile such as linen.

Air Conditioning

The secret to maintaining that fresh summer feeling isn’t just in the aesthetics. You should make  sure that your air conditioning systems are working and that your ceiling fans are operating at the correct speeds. By doing this, it will save you from the of the warmer weather. Now is the best time for you to approach professional services, as delaying could result in being stuck in a waitlist.

Be Sun Safe

The Australian Summer can be quite harsh on you and your home. Not only can personal sun safety be an issue, but protecting your home and its contents is necessary. Keep your family protected by stocking your home with sun protectants such as sunscreen, broad-brims hats and long sleeve rash shirts (if you’re going to be swimming). Summer thunderstorms can present a risk to your home and its contents over this period so be prepared to pack away unnecessary items in your yard in case of an emergency.

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