Make the First Move: Initiating a Friendship with Your Neighbours

It’s important to create a good first impression with your neighbours since you only get one chance at a first impression!

Knowing who you live next to or who is living in your street can be very important to some homeowners. Although most people would prefer to keep to themselves, reaching out and talking to your neighbours is worth putting yourself out there! Interacting with your neighbour and introducing yourself is not going up to their home and knocking on their door, which a lot of people assume it is. There are many ways to befriend your neighbours. Not everyone wants to befriend their neighbours, but here are three helpful tips to get to know your neighbours and start the friendship! 

First Impressions

First impressions are always important, because you can never get a second chance to make a first impression! The first time you meet your neighbours, see what you have in common with them to make the next few interactions a lot easier. This can be done by initiating the conversation with your neighbours when you see them while you are moving your boxes presents a positive first impression. If you are exhausted while moving or caught up in a task, a simple friendly wave or smile can work wonders because you do not want to seem unfriendly at the beginning. 

Let Your Dog to the Talking

There’s a very likely chance you’ll run into your neighbours while taking your dog for a walk, or they are walking their dog. If you are a dog lover, you’ll most likely ask your neighbour if you can pat their dog. If he/she is a friendly and playful pup, it’s the perfect icebreaker to talk to your neighbour. It’s as simple as complimenting their dog and asking what their name is or type of breed. From this moment on, every time you see the dog you can pat him/her, with the owner’s permission, and it will become comfortable around you.  

The Power of an Interactions

While morning or evening walks are not only good for your health, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the neighbourhood and begin new friendships. Speak to your neighbours and find out where the best local restaurants or coffee shops, dog-friendly parks, community events and shopping centres are if you are new to the area. Or even asking what day and time the rubbish gets collected is a great opportunity to interact with your neighbour. 

These tips can effectively help you befriend your neighbours, whether they are young or old. It may take a while to earn trust from some neighbours as a friendship doesn’t just spark straight away, but these tips will guide you in the right direction. Although it can be frowned upon from some homeowners or renters, befriending your neighbour can be highly beneficial to you and your family, or them and their family in the future.  

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