Popular Living Trends You May Need to Avoid

If you are a messy person, there are some living trends you should avoid to ensure your home is not cluttered or unorganised.

It’s not a secret that we’re all guilty of leaving clothes on the floor or not hanging up wet towels, but there are ways to prevent our guilty habits from overtaking our living spaces


It’s safe to say that we aren’t all minimalists. Although open cabinets and perfectly organised shelving is an achievable aesthetic, it’s not always practical for the everyday person. If you’re someone who struggles with keeping your space pretty, try sticking to a colour palette or theme. Look for storage solutions that offer cohesion in your home and try to shy away from mismatch items. 

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Open Wardrobes

At one stage, we’ve all tried the ‘open wardrobe aesthetic’, but it’s time to retire that idea. Yes, if maintained an open clothing rack can up your sense of style, but trying to upkeep the chore is difficult for a person who struggles with clutter. It’s time to convert back to the good old chest-of-drawers and wardrobe, and keep that mess behind closed doors. Plus – it’ll free up more space in your room!

Open Vanities and Bathroom Storage:

Now this one’s an easy fix. Clear those product filled counters by utilising your under sink space. Make sure you’re folding or hanging your towel neatly and putting those dirty clothes in a lidded laundry basket. QPG Tip – when you identify what you want to keep, go to your local Kmart or discount store and buy storage shelves or baskets so you can neatly organise your items instead of just putting them back in an unorganised cupboard.


It is important to keep your personal space tidy so say goodbye to your side tables with no storage because I’m sure the last thing you want to see in the morning is your bedside clutter. QPG Tip -make your bed every morning! There is not a better feeling than coming home after a long day at work to a freshly made bed to slip into. By making your bed every morning before you leave, you are ticking off goals before you leave your home!

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