Tips on How to Stage Your Home To Sell 

Here are some tips on how to stage your home to make a great first impression and sell it.

Why Home Staging is Important?

When potential buyers walk through your home at a private inspection or open home, it is important they feel a sense of attraction and liveability to the home. That’s why staging a home is a necessary step in preparing your home for sale. 

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to interior decorating and whilst you may like the way your house is presented, it might not be appealing to all buyers. Transforming your space into an environment that fits the consensus of people is the best way to attract buyers. 

Explore our tips on how you can stage your home to make the most out of the sale.

Create A Warming Feeling

Colours are a great way to set the tone of your home and showcase its character. It is important that your home advertises a comforting lifestyle, where a buyer can imagine settling with their family.

The easiest way to create a warm vibe in your home is by incorporating a combination of visuals, colour and temperature. Choose a colour scheme and stick with it through the house e.g., matching linens, throw pillows and wood tones. Cost-efficient and less permanent ways to add colour throughout the house is new blankets, pillows, books and artwork. 

Although miss-match styling is its own trend, its best to keep it simple when preparing your home for sale. A warm feeling can be created when everything has a place and there are no unnecessary empty spaces.

Make it Minimal

If you have a bookshelf or bedside table – fill the empty shelves with books, photographs and house décor. Remove personal photographs.

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Add Greenery

Adding houseplants to your interior and taking care of your landscaping is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. Aside from excellent health benefits, your house also becomes more attractive to a potential buyer. 

Plant decor is one of the most efficient ways to add value to your home without spending a fortune on upgrades like furniture and decor. You can easily breathe new life into your property by adding things like a plant wall or vertical garden. 

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Organise and Clean Your Home

For your house to make a great first impression to potential buyers, it should be clean and organised. You want your house to be clean and easy to view so it is more memorable for buyers. The last thing you want is someone to inspect your home and think it is not big enough what that they need because you haven’t decluttered certain areas around the house. 

Clutter in a home can be very distracting. It can distract potential buyers from looking at your belongings rather than all of the houses features. 

If your home is neatly presented during an open home or private inspections, it will create a feeling of satisfaction for the viewers. This satisfaction allows the buyers to feel like the house is well-looked after by the current owners which makes it more appealing. You want to avoid a messy house as it does not present well.

Take Advance of Your Home’s Natural Light

When showing your home, open all curtains and blinds. Add fixtures as needed, and turn on all lights for showings (including those in the closets). This makes your home appear brighter and more inviting, and it saves buyers the trouble of looking for light switches. 

If you think your existing fixtures are in good condition, make sure to dust them and clean off any grime. Otherwise, replacing outdated and broken light fixtures is simple and inexpensive.

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Check Your Walls and Ceilings

Buyers are wary of cracks in the walls or ceiling because they may indicate foundation issues. If your home has foundation issues, you must either fix them or notify potential buyers about them; fixing any foundation issues is more desirable in terms of selling the home.

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